A Jazz Musical Odyssey Vaudeville

Book, Music and Lyrics by Vance Holmes

The Red Tap Shoes

Step into the light fantastic world of The Red Tap Shoes, a magical, new blues-ical that blends themes from African American fables and folklore with elements of "The Red Shoes," Hans Christian Andersen's cautionary tale about consequences and choreomania.

Set against a backdrop of burlesque shows, night club cabarets and the vaudeville revue, this jazz musical odyssey follows the journey of Overcoat Sam -- a lonely, down-and-out shingle dancer, panhandling for pennies on the streets of Pittsburgh. His path takes an unexpected turn when he falls head over heels in love with a pair of crimson tap shoes imbued with mysterious powers.

Sam tours and performs his tap routines for five decades -- from Ragtime to Rap -- waiting for the big break that would make him an overnight success. As he grapples with the seductive allure of fame and the haunting echoes of past failures, Sam is forced to confront the age-old paradox of freedom and destiny.

Are we masters of our fate or slaves to the rhythm?

With soulful melodies, sophisticated syncopation, and an epic tale that dances between light and shadow, The Red Tap Shoes offers a soul-stirring theatrical experience that will leave audiences tapping their toes and pondering life's deepest mysteries.

Get ready to tap into the magic!

The Red Tap Shoes